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LOADMATE wire rope hoists

Anywhere people want to lift up to 150 tons, you can often find a loadmate Double Girder electric wire rope hoist doing the job. For 30 Ton – Single Girder electric wire rope hoist

LOADMATE is largest supplier of wire rope hoists in the India.


Electric Wire Rope Hoist

What do you want from your wire rope hoist?

LOADMATE Electric Wire Rope Hoist are used for material handling and are best suited for   both medium and heavy duty operations

A wire rope hoist with extreme quality

LOADMATE Electric Wire Rope Hoist are used for material handling and are best suited for   both medium and heavy duty operations

Loadmate  hoist are long lasting and safe

How To Choose A Manual Chain Pulley Block

Manual Chain Pulley block is a small piece of machine engineered to lift heavy loads that you and all your friends put together can handle. They can be used in any and every industry wherever there is a need of heavy material lifting and moving it to other place precisely. When coupled with geared trolley or plain push pull trolley they can easy shift the material from one place to another.

manual hoist chain pulley block - LOADMATE

1. Choosing the right Capacity: Manual Chain pulley blocks come in different capacity ranging from 0.5 Tonne to 30 Tonne. More than 30 Tonne capacity chain blocks can be designed based on the requirement. So before placing the order, consider the maximum weight you will ever need or try to move safely, since it is unlikely that you will weigh every load before lifting it. There is no need to buy a 10 Tonne chain pulley block to move a weight of 2 Tonne.

2. Fix Mounted or Trolley Mounted: Once you have decided the capacity then decide where and how you want to mount the chain block, since this will inform you the mount style. Choose a trolley-mounted block if you need to move the load from one place to another. Buy a hook mounted chain block if your chain blocks will always occupy the same location.

3. Interchangebale Parts: Buy a chain pulley block that contains standard & interchangeable parts. This keeps you prepared for when your chain blocks needs worn and/or broken parts replaced.

4. Spur gear and not worm gear mechanism: Choose a hoist with highly efficient Spur Gear mechanism. This gives you more lift with less effort exerted. Check the lift wheel pockets for sufficient depth to allow the chain room to move freely, smoothly and unobstructed.

5. Alloy Steel Chain: Read the specs pf the chain blocks to ensure that the frame and covers are strong aluminum alloy. The hand chain should be galvanized and the load chain material should be alloy steel Grade 80.

6. Length of Chain: The hand chain drop should be two feet less than the lift. For instance, a ten foot lift chain block should have a eight foot drop of hand chain. If you have need the load chain to be of more length than the standard lift then make sure the whole load chain is replaced with a single piece of the chain and not welded.

7. Type of Trolley: If the load that has to be manual moved after lifitng is more than 2 tonne, then go for a geared trolley and not push pull type.

8. Warranty/ Guarantee: Check the chain blocks warranty/ guarantee, and buy only chain pulley blocks that has not just matched the industrial quality standards but exceeded them.


What Do You Want From Your Wire Rope Hoist?

The Electric wire rope hoist is one of the most widely sold LOADMATE products. Anywhere where people want to lift weights up to 20 tons, you can often find a LOADMATE wire rope hoist doing the job. The reliability and versatility of the hoist has made LOADMATE the most trust worthy supplier of wire rope hoists in India.

Largest Electric wire rope hoist manufacturer in India

Versatility means custom-tailored solutions for your every lifting need. Available in monorail or double girder models, Electric wire rope hoist adapts for the requirements of your runway and your building.

Do you need a swivel trolley for greater ease of movement i.e. Choose a flexible trolley model trolley when you have the turning radius, or a normal hoist trolley when you don’t.? What about a fixed hoist, when movement is more restricted to only vertical movement? The wire ropes hoists are strong, highly flexible, and optimized to your match your specific requirements. Tell us your needs, and we will give you a hoist to match them. LOADMATE also makes wire rope hoists for hazardous environments.

Ideally, you should buy a full EOT Crane, to ensure the quality of all of your lifting equipment. But if your budget is tight, you may wish to modernize your existing crane with the Electrical Wire Rope hoist. Even if you only buy the hoist, we still service your whole crane, not just the LOADMATE part. Yes, your read it right !!

Source: Loadmate.in

The EOT Crane Manufacturers in Surat, India

Find Leading EOT Crane Manufacturers in Gujarat

There are several crane suppliers in Surat entailed in the production of different kinds of crane. There are various kinds of crane that are used in the sectors. They are the EOT cranes, lift cranes, items lift.

If you are seeking a good crane that is ideal as well as lasting for your industry, it is necessary that you contact a few of the most reputed Crane Manufacturers  & Suppliers of the city. If your line of business demands an EOT crane, it is a far better concept to seek advice from with an EOT crane producer. Due to the fact that they are most ideal fit to tell you more about the kind of EOT crane that is most fit for your industry, this is.

There are several categories of EOT crane. They are Single and  double  EOT cranes. If you research well, you will certainly get to comprehend that there are some EOT crane manufacturer that offer customized remedies to their clients’ need. Recognizing the product need of the consumer, the suppliers helps them choose the most effective EOT crane. These suppliers supply all sort of product handling options along with service assistance to make certain that the clients do not encounter any sort of sort of problem.

A large number of markets throughout the country like the shipbuilding industry, the car industry, nuclear power plants and also numerous such sectors bank upon the crane producers in Surat. So in case you have a crane need for your sector, it is far better to consult few crane producers in the city of Surat.

What is an bridge crane?

A bridge crane frequently called an overhead crane, is a sort of crane found in commercial Industries . An bridge crane includes identical runways with a traveling link spanning the space. A hoist, the lifting element of a crane, follows the bridge.

EOT Crane (Electric Overhead Traveling)

This is most common kind of bridge crane, located in a lot of manufacturing plants.

As obvious from name, these cranes are electrically operated


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How To Install A Electric Hoist (Electric Chain Hoist) | LOADMATE

Electric Chain Hoist - LOADMATE

  1. Things to make sure before installation:The hoist and trolley are packaged respectively. Firstly check if the quantity of the hoist accords with the number of units in invoice and if there are any damages occurred from the transportation or abnormal packing. Also Check the nameplate and see if the rated capacity, lifting speed, lifting height, cross travelling speed as well as the power supply is up to standard.  Check if screws of top hook set are loosed and if the chains are knotted and twisted.
  2. Check the track where the hoist and trolley combo is to be mounted:The run track of the hoist adopted is the I- Beam steel. The range of width is 75-180 mm for 1 ton to 2 tons and 100-180 mm for 3 ton to 5 tons. The track for running should be smooth and its swerve radius cannot less than the minimum radius stipulated in the nameplate. The placement of axle height at the end of track should be fixed an elasticity buffer to guarantee the safe running of trolley.
  3. Assemble the hoist and trolley:When assembling, the number of adjustment washers for right and left between the flying ring and both sides’ plates should be equal. More one thin piece of adjustment washer shall be allowed in order to ensure the clearance of 3 mm between the flank and flange of track. For the max or minimum width of track, there should be one piece of washer at least.
  4. Installation for the whole hoist:Tighten the nuts inboard of the beam after the hoist is fixed on the track. And have a test run with light load. Tighten the nuts outboard of the beam after the wheel contact the track completely. Pay attention especially that the nuts inboard of the beam must interlock the nuts outboard.

The clearance between the roller and the bottom of track should be adjusted to 3 mm. The way of adjustment is loose the nuts of roller and move the roller, tighten the nuts after the clearance is up-to to standard.

Source : @ LOADMATE

electric chain hoist suppliers india

electric chain hoist suppliers: LOADMATE is your ultimate choice

Stuck with a  search of electric chain hoist in India?

LOADMATE is Ultimate winner for all your chin hoist query.

electric chain hoist suppliers india

Why loadmate?

Among the best chain hoist and EOT Crane manufacturers in India
designed for wide range of Industrial applications
Compact and high efficient motor with heat protection device
Dust & water jet proof body with IP55 rating
Capacities range: 1 tonne to 5 tonnes

Technical Parameter

Technical Parameter

Chain Hoist: Manufacturers in India


EOT Cranes: The most popular type of overhead cranes

Find Leading EOT Crane Manufacturers in Gujarat

EOT cranes are usually know as overhead cranes which can found in any Industries  or transporting where equipment required to lifting & transporting  activities, for this eot cranes come very handy and cost efficient.

Unlike mobile or construction cranes, overhead cranes are typically used for either manufacturing or maintenance applications, where efficiency or downtime are critical factors – wikipedia

Standard Features of EOT Cranes:
  • LOADMATE crane use Standard components and controls to ensure reliability.
  • Rapid access to spare parts of the cranes for minimum impact to customers.
  • Reduced scheduled maintenance and emergency downtime.
  • Load tested to 125% and certified by LOADMATE from tests undertaken in our own workshops.
  • Easily adjustable limit-switches.
  • High quality structural assembly ensures compliance with ISO 4301.
  • End carriages fabricated from rolled steel with internal diaphragms for high torsional resistance.

EOT cranes are one of the best product in terms of cost- efficient, If you are looking for the best EOT Cranes in Gujarat, than we can suggest LOADMATE.  LOADMATE is leading EOT Cranes manufacturing  company in India


Are You Looking for best EOT Crane Manufactures in Gujarat?

If you are in search for leading EOT Crane Manufacturer in Gujarat than we have best answer for you.

LOADMATE is one of the leading Indian Manufacturer of  EOT Cranes. And also offer a variety of products like:

Electric Wire Rope Hoist, Electric Chain hoist, single & double girder EOT cranes. Every product undergoes strict & intense quality test

With having long list of satisfied clients through 18 states in India.

Find Leading EOT Crane Manufacturers in Gujarat

The EOT Cranes can be modified as per customer prerequisites.