How To Install A Electric Hoist (Electric Chain Hoist) | LOADMATE

Electric Chain Hoist - LOADMATE

  1. Things to make sure before installation:The hoist and trolley are packaged respectively. Firstly check if the quantity of the hoist accords with the number of units in invoice and if there are any damages occurred from the transportation or abnormal packing. Also Check the nameplate and see if the rated capacity, lifting speed, lifting height, cross travelling speed as well as the power supply is up to standard.  Check if screws of top hook set are loosed and if the chains are knotted and twisted.
  2. Check the track where the hoist and trolley combo is to be mounted:The run track of the hoist adopted is the I- Beam steel. The range of width is 75-180 mm for 1 ton to 2 tons and 100-180 mm for 3 ton to 5 tons. The track for running should be smooth and its swerve radius cannot less than the minimum radius stipulated in the nameplate. The placement of axle height at the end of track should be fixed an elasticity buffer to guarantee the safe running of trolley.
  3. Assemble the hoist and trolley:When assembling, the number of adjustment washers for right and left between the flying ring and both sides’ plates should be equal. More one thin piece of adjustment washer shall be allowed in order to ensure the clearance of 3 mm between the flank and flange of track. For the max or minimum width of track, there should be one piece of washer at least.
  4. Installation for the whole hoist:Tighten the nuts inboard of the beam after the hoist is fixed on the track. And have a test run with light load. Tighten the nuts outboard of the beam after the wheel contact the track completely. Pay attention especially that the nuts inboard of the beam must interlock the nuts outboard.

The clearance between the roller and the bottom of track should be adjusted to 3 mm. The way of adjustment is loose the nuts of roller and move the roller, tighten the nuts after the clearance is up-to to standard.

Source : @ LOADMATE

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