How To Choose A Manual Chain Pulley Block

Manual Chain Pulley block is a small piece of machine engineered to lift heavy loads that you and all your friends put together can handle. They can be used in any and every industry wherever there is a need of heavy material lifting and moving it to other place precisely. When coupled with geared trolley or plain push pull trolley they can easy shift the material from one place to another.

manual hoist chain pulley block - LOADMATE

1. Choosing the right Capacity: Manual Chain pulley blocks come in different capacity ranging from 0.5 Tonne to 30 Tonne. More than 30 Tonne capacity chain blocks can be designed based on the requirement. So before placing the order, consider the maximum weight you will ever need or try to move safely, since it is unlikely that you will weigh every load before lifting it. There is no need to buy a 10 Tonne chain pulley block to move a weight of 2 Tonne.

2. Fix Mounted or Trolley Mounted: Once you have decided the capacity then decide where and how you want to mount the chain block, since this will inform you the mount style. Choose a trolley-mounted block if you need to move the load from one place to another. Buy a hook mounted chain block if your chain blocks will always occupy the same location.

3. Interchangebale Parts: Buy a chain pulley block that contains standard & interchangeable parts. This keeps you prepared for when your chain blocks needs worn and/or broken parts replaced.

4. Spur gear and not worm gear mechanism: Choose a hoist with highly efficient Spur Gear mechanism. This gives you more lift with less effort exerted. Check the lift wheel pockets for sufficient depth to allow the chain room to move freely, smoothly and unobstructed.

5. Alloy Steel Chain: Read the specs pf the chain blocks to ensure that the frame and covers are strong aluminum alloy. The hand chain should be galvanized and the load chain material should be alloy steel Grade 80.

6. Length of Chain: The hand chain drop should be two feet less than the lift. For instance, a ten foot lift chain block should have a eight foot drop of hand chain. If you have need the load chain to be of more length than the standard lift then make sure the whole load chain is replaced with a single piece of the chain and not welded.

7. Type of Trolley: If the load that has to be manual moved after lifitng is more than 2 tonne, then go for a geared trolley and not push pull type.

8. Warranty/ Guarantee: Check the chain blocks warranty/ guarantee, and buy only chain pulley blocks that has not just matched the industrial quality standards but exceeded them.


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